Become a Member of BATS Equities

The BATS Exchanges (BZX Exchange and BYX Exchange) memberships continue to grow. Become a Member of each exchange and experience the benefits of trading with BATS. Qualification and signing details are below.

Your firm must be a registered broker-dealer, registered with a Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) and connected with a clearing firm. If your firm is a Member of BZX Exchange, and you are applying to become a Member of BYX Exchange, your firm must be registered with one additional SRO besides BZX Exchange.

While we are still in the integration process with Direct Edge, if you are interested in becoming a Member of the EDGA or EDGX Exchange, please contact Direct Edge’s Membership Services department at

Note: The steps set out below can be completed separately or in parallel. For any additional assistance, please contact any BATS sales team member.

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